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"I've seen my share of magicians. You're definitely one of the best!"

- Bryan Cranston, Actor

Brandon Williams






Known by many of his peers as the "Magician's magician," Brandon Williams has made quite a name for himself as a performer, consultant, and creator of magic.

Brandon has been practicing and performing magic since the age of four. Since that time, he has worked for and consulted for some of the largest names in magic and entertainment. He has garnered world-wide recognition amongst fellow magicians, A-list actors, Fortune 500 companies, and many more!

With over two decades of mastering his craft, Brandon has gain a deep understanding of the art. Such an extensive knowledge in the world of magic has lead Brandon to even create many of his own magic effects and illusions that his audiences see. With well over 50 original effects of his own, including his famous Tear Change (voted "Best Trick" at Magic Live 2018), Brandon's audiences have the pleasure of seeing magic that is fresh and one-of-a-kind, meaning it isn't being performed by anyone else anywhere in the world!

"If I didn't see this for myself, I would have thought that this was a camera trick"

- J.J. Abrams, Director

Brandon is a regular performer at Monday Night Magic (New York's longest-running off-Broadway magic show) and A Taste of Magic (New York's highly rated interactive magic show and dinner attraction), just to name a few venues.

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